Christmas is almost here!

It’s getting so close to Christmas and things are starting to feel very festive.  The decorations are up, lights are on and the holidays have just begun! I love this time of year. To celebrate I’m getting into the festive season by sharing some of my holiday lights photos with you.  I have been reading tutorials on how to make custom bokeh (that’s the nice blur effect you get from the background light in your photos when using shallow depth of field.  It comes from a Japanese word meaning ‘blur’ and according to Wikipedia is “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”). So here is my first attempt at creating a little art with my photos.  I’m hoping to take a tour around town and take some more photos of all of the cool Christmas lights and will share with you soon.

I am also linking up to the Holiday Bokeh Party & Giveaways at If you’re into photography make sure you check out this faboulous blog!

holiday lights bokeh party

I’m also linking up to another great blog so be sure to check them out too for some more bokeh inspiration.


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