Top 11 of 2011

As I was going through all of my photos from last year to decide which ones I was going to use for my top 11 of 2011, it was so hard to choose.  I had heaps of fun ones to choose from.  Looking back through my catalogue of pics, I really did notice a huge improvement in my photography. It was great to see that my skills have in fact improved and that I have learned so much.  From taking happy snaps using my point and shoot camera on auto, to really thinking about composition, light and all of the other technical things that come along with learning to shoot in manual mode on my DSLR, it has been such a fun learning curve. So I have decided to link up with others at Click It Up A Notch and show you my top 11 photos of my little man for 2011. Here they are.

1. This is one of the first photos I took with my DSLR.  I love capturing really natural pictures and this one worked really well. My son loves playing with our dog Max, even though he’s double his size! They were just playing in the backyard.  I used my zoom lens which works best because my son is so tired of me running around chasing him with the camera. 

2. I love this one for so many reasons. It captures the personality of my nieces and nephews perfectly!

3. I must remember to take more of me with my boys. 

4. Tommy was trying to climb up the ladder as I was taking photos of his cousin. So glad I had my camera in my hand because he was so cute trying to chase me up to the top!

5. I took this one of my nephew for my sister when he was just two weeks old! I convinced her to let me practise with her new little bundle. Newborn photo shoots are much harder than I had anticipated though!

6. This was taken as part of a mini photo shoot in the back garden with Tommy. I have been known to take my little man into the yard for a few practise shots. The trick is to find things for him to do that don’t bore him otherwise I get a ‘no mum’ every time.  I’m getting better at thinking of creative bribes activities for him :).

7. I know, technically she is not my own daughter but my beautiful friend allowed me to take some shots of her kiddies a few months ago and she was just too precious to leave out of my top 11.

8. This one was taken at our pre-christmas family celebrations. My sister-in-law just bought a fairy floss machine and the kids were having such a great time, coudn’t resist!

9. Tommy and his daddy fishing. If only I could capture every precious moment we share.

10. One of Tommy’s many expressions.

11. This is not technically one of my best (as you can see by the focus) but I still love it because it’s one of only a few family shots that I took this past year. I am making a better effort to get in the photo this year. 

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Click It Up A Notch


3 thoughts on “Top 11 of 2011

  1. I love these! You have such a cute family. I especially love number 10–I also enjoy capturing those special expressions of my daughter’s. The wagon one is super cute as well.

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