Playing with histograms: Project 52| week 2

This week’s homework was to use the histogram in my camera to practise getting my exposure right in camera. I really love taking photos of people and it’s always hard to find willing subjects at my place without having to bribe them first! So I asked Tommy to come for a walk to look for froggies with me, and before I knew it we were off, EASY!

I hadn’t really understood the histogram too much before doing this assignment. I knew that if the little hill was on the left hand side that the image was too dark and if it was further to the right it should  too light. I read lots of blog posts about getting exposure right straight out of camera (SOOC) and ways to improve on doing that. Most people say to use the histogram, so doing this assignment really helped me understand what I actually need to look for now.

I’ll show you what I mean.

This is an image straight out of camera and you can see that it is too dark

So I had two options, take another photo and change my settings or deal with it in post processing using ACR or Lightroom. I did shoot lots of photos so as it was just an exercise I chose not to change my settings but I would normally do that. I took the image into Lightroom and adjusted the histogram in the top right corner to get it back to what it should’ve been.

Well, they say you learn something new everyday, and I think I just did. Great assignment. I’m off to do my next one and will be posting it later.


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