Project 52 | Week 3: Equivalent Exposure

Learning to use an equivalent exposure chart has been really helpful. This week I used this chart and this one from I chose and EV 13. Setting my ISO to 100 and putting my camera on manual mode I set out to take some photos to practise depth of field. I think I may have slightly overexposed the images as my aperture and shutter speeds are a little out compared to what they should be on the chart. I have read lots of information about depth of field and how to set my camera to get that really yummy blurry background or to get an image that’s all in focus.  The thing is I am really a visual person and I think I’ve read the same information at least 20 times. It wasn’t until I went outside with my camera in hand and the EV chart in the other that it actually clicked! Here are the images from my shoot.

f/2, 1/1600th sec, ISO 100

f/2.8, 1/800th sec, ISO 100

f/11, 1/50th sec, ISO100

f/16, 1/25th sec, ISO100

As you can see the image at the start has an out of focus background and they progressively get clearer as I changed my aperture and shutter speed.  So now I can actually see that there are lots of different ‘correct’ exposures. It just depends on the look your are after. A fabulous assignment for the technicalities of shooting in manual mode! If you want to learn more head over to Beloved Muse Photography and follow along over the next 49 weeks.




3 thoughts on “Project 52 | Week 3: Equivalent Exposure

  1. Beautiful shots! The whole concept never clicked for me either until I was playing with the EV chart – definately something I see keeping in my photographers toolkit when I head out. Hope this helps stop the confusion when fiddling around for the right exposure and dof!

  2. they are lovely photos Anna…….I have yet to get into photography but intend to in a small way and your lessons are giving me a bit more of an idea of what to do and try out when I get a good camera…..

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