Project 52 | Week 4: Self Portrait

This has been such a difficult thing for me to do. I am so self critical, as I’m sure lots of other women are, but taking photos of myself is really hard for a number of reasons.

Firstly there were limited options to get the shot – maybe someone could help with some more creative ways to tackle this?? So far I have tried a tripod and self timer, holding the camera at arms length and using a mirror.  I gave up on the tripod because I was constantly missing my mark when it came to focusing so I set up the camera on my bookshelf near my desk. After numerous attempts to try and get one that I was sort of happy with, here’s how it turned out.

I need to stop being so self critical and just take some photos occassionally of myself. Of course they are not always going to be this serious but this is how I have been feeling this week. And if a photo is supposed to tell a story then that’s the challenge each and every time I take a photo, even if it is of myself and even if I don’t always like doing it. As Darcy said on her post for this week’s theme over at my 3 boybarians, taking photos of yourself is ‘not for you. It’s not even really aboutyou. It’s for your granddaughter. And it’s for her granddaughter. And for all the members of your circle of loved ones. They cherish you…

exactly the way you are.’

She is so right. I do cherish the photos I have of my grandmothers, because they are no longer around. I don’t care what they looked like or if they were wearing makeup or had their hair done, it’s about the memory of my beautiful grandmothers and that’s what really matters.

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