Project 52 | Week 4: White Balance

This has been a tough week! The weather has been terrible and I have not felt like taking any photos. And the ones I did take were not very exciting! I was becoming more frustrated with using manual mode. I think I may have just needed a few days camera and computer free.

Luckily last week’s assignment was to ‘put it altogether’. That is, all of the information that I have learnt in the last 4 weeks – white balance, RAW mode and equivalent exposure. Using all of this new knowledge has certainly made it easier week by week to continue shooting photos in Manual mode and the more I practise the more it sinks in. This week the focus was on white balance, which if you shoot in RAW can be edited later but it saves time to get it right in camera first. I really did notice the difference between white balance settings though. Basically white balance helps your camera to determine which parts of your image are true white depending on the light that is being used. Because not all light is the same, it is important to tell the camera what light you are using. A few settings are AWB (auto white balance), cloudy and tungsten. Here are a some examples.

Custom White Balance

Cloudy White Balance

So armed with my knowledge, my home made grey card (you can see how to make one here) to set my custom white balance and of course my subject, Mr Tommy, we went on a little trip around our yard! It was fun and I captured some really cute photos of Tommy just being Tommy! Here they are…

Just as a side note. These photos have a bit of a vintage feel to them, which of course I added in post production but I was certainly much happier with the SOOC images from this week. I can tell you it makes for a much happier Mummy when all I have to do is make a couple of adjustments rather than spending hours on one image! Especially when I have my little treasure pulling at my arms and trying every attention seeking strategy in the book to get to me to play games with him rather than finish my editing!


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