p52 | Week 6: Metering and Low Key Photography

I must say that this has been a super challenging week for me. First of all trying to remember to put together all of the previous things that I have been learning through beloved muse photography and then combining it with this week’s topic of metering has been hard to say the least. My main focus was to get some low key and high key images. Easier said than done! After lots and lots of practise I am happy to share my favourites from this week’s assignment.

Low Key Photography

A low key image can be dramatic and create different moods. It basically invovles illuminating your subject although the background should be predominately dark. This was definately difficult to achieve but I’m glad I perservered because I really like the overall feel of all of the photos I took. For these photos I used my lovely friend as my model and we set up with a black background and a torch from a low angle. Here are the results.

I tried to re-create the same setup with my little man but of course he’s two and does not like to sit still long enough for me to get too many good photos. Here’s one I was happy with though. I am really liking the black and white. The contrast is great.

I will be posting more soon. Next time it will be high key photos. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “p52 | Week 6: Metering and Low Key Photography

  1. Anna these are amazing and beautiful! Seriously Congrats! I had such a hard time metering and setting up my shots too. Honestly it took me about 2 hours to get 3 or 4 images that looked the way I wanted them too, clearly all your hard work paid off. These are stunning.

    • Thank you Jen. Although it was really hard to set up and get some good shots, it was so rewarding to finally ‘get it’! I think even more so than if it only took a few attempts to get a good photo. I’m still working on my images for flash. I’ve fallen behind a little but will be posting soon.

    • Thanks Melanie. I went to have a look at your blog too and I tried commenting a few times but everytime I enter the letters it keeps telling me that I have ented incorrect characters and won’t let me publish my comment. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong? By the way I really love the pics of your cute puppy, especially the ones by the fireplace. Beautiful light.

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