p52 | Week 6 & 7: Metering and Flash

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Metering | High Key and Low Key Photography

I have rolled all three topics into one post this week – metering, flash and last week’s themed photo inspiration, “True Love” . What better way to say I love you than with a beautiful rose! These photos are the opposite to my previous post where I talked about low key images. They are examples of high key photography which have a much brighter and happier feel about it.  High key images usually have a really white background but I thought I’d play around and experiment with some other colours for the background too. To achieve the following images I used a light tent. This was a new experience for me but one I’m glad I did because I am really happy with how these photos came together. I think they also fit perfectly with last week’s “True Love” theme over at my3boybarians.com.  So without further adieu…

(p.s. the second one is not a high key it’s actually a low key image but it fits better with this set of photos than my portraits from last post.)


The other focus this week was flash photography. My assignment was to experiment with different types of flash using my on camera flash (which I never usually use!). So it was another big learning curve. I played around with both fill flash and also beloved muse’s DIY crafty trick for your on camera flash. This is such a neat trick that I definately will be using until I can afford a speedlite and a diffuser. This first image was taken with my on camera flash as is. You can see that the subject has lots of shadows and uneven light.

The next one was also taken with my on camera flash but this time I used beloved muse’s DIY crafty trick and voila, you get a much more even spread of light on your subject. It doesn’t have that I’ve just been blinded by the flash look about it (at least in my opinion anyway!). Definately one tip that I will be using until I can afford to buy an off camera flash with a diffuser.


4 thoughts on “p52 | Week 6 & 7: Metering and Flash

  1. Wow – Anna, these are amazing! Do you think you would have been able to take images like these a year ago?!? Amazing work 🙂 So proud.

    • Thank you! There is no way I would have been able to do these types of photos a year ago! I have learned so much. It’s so exciting too to be finally understanding a lot of the technical side of things!

  2. Not only do we have the same taste in WordPress themes, but I started my blog with the same goal of increasing my photography skills and using more manual features of my camera. I didn’t see what camera you have but on my Rebel there is a flash setting in the menu to increase or decrease the intensity. My old camera just had a “fill flash” setting, but I couldn’t adjust it. Looking forward to more posts and picking up a few tips.

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