p52 | Week 8: Bracketing

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up these past few weeks. It’s been such a busy couple of weeks but I’m getting back on track with my assignments. Last week my project from beloved muse photography was to explore the auto exposure bracketing function within my camera. Sometimes in different sorts of light, the camera is tricked into thinking it is exposing correctly when in actual fact it may have been off slightly. The bracketing function can be useful to assist when you’re not sure if what you’re seeing on the LCD screen of your camera is going to be correct. Apart from using the histogram (which is really useful by the way), bracketing may be a good option to ensure you get the right exposure without having to do lots of extra work in post processing.

These images were taken using the exposure bracketing function (AEB) with an exposure value (EV) compensation of 1 stop up and down.

Correct Exposure

EV -1

EV +1

Another great use for the AEB function is to use it to make a composite HDR (high dynamic range) photo. When the three images are combined together in a program like photoshop, the outcome is an image which is often much more striking than it otherwise would be. Here is the HDR version of my chilli flowers from above.

If you would like to learn some more, head over to beloved muse photography and join in on the fun.


3 thoughts on “p52 | Week 8: Bracketing

  1. I just started playing around with bracketing. My son gave me his old Canon Rebel at Christmas. Haven’t decided whether I like bracketing better or RAW, where I can correct in post production. But I do like the idea of HDR, what program do you like the best for HDR?

    • I use photoshop elements for HDR as I’m not sure if it can be done in lightroom? I also have a canon rebel and shoot in raw all of the time now. Bracketing is only something which I’ve just started doing so will test it out some more. But I definitely love shooting in raw opposed to jpeg for post production effects.

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