Innocence | Toowoomba child photographer

One of the main reasons that I fell in love with photography is the way that it has the unique abiblity to tell a story. It is unlike any other art form in that it captures those precious little details which would otherwise be lost. When I first began this journey I was forever trying to get that ‘perfect smile’ which of course mostly ended in disappointment. I then realised that I didn’t have to have a perfect smile every time to get a great image. In fact, the images that I love the most are those that aren’t posed and don’t have cheesy smiles.

I particularly love to photograph children because their pure sweet innocence is so amazing to me. Children are constantly learning and exploring the big wide world they are living in through play. This is why I love doing what I do. It makes me smile to know that each time I shoot an image I have preserved a little piece of history.

I’d love to tell your story. Drop me a line  and we can organise a time to have a chat about your photography needs.


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