Natalie and David ~ Toowoomba engagement session

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Natalie and David. They are so in love and it shows in all of their images. It was a fun morning hanging out in Toowoomba.  Recently I have been doing a lot of reading on a new photograpy movement called beloved and this session was loosely based on this movement. So what is beloved all about?

Beloved is an emerging photographic genre centered on the creation of meaning-rich portraits that express the individual, beautiful personality each person is born with, creating an opportunity to celebrate the relationships that fill our lives with joy and purpose.

The Photogenic Technique of Beloved gives photographers a clear and simple way to move past the “camera smile”‘ to easily capture the authentic, photogenic expressions and the naturally beautiful sides of our personality we share with our loved ones.  from

I am very keen to learn more about this exciting new movement.  As a portrait photographer, I believe it is so important to capture as many details about my subjects as possible.  The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is especially true in what I do and I think it’s a nice touch be able to capture each and every one of my clients’ personalities.



project 52 p52



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