Session Details



My favourite shots for newborns are the sleepy ones. To achieve this, it’s always best to get them in the first week or two. Newborn sessions always take place indoors either at my place or yours.During the 2-3 hours session, I am happy for you to put your feet up, relax and take a well earned rest.

Toddlers, Children and Families

As I don’t have a studio I do all of my sessions outside in various locations around Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. During your session you will have 1-2 hours to play tag, tell jokes, host a tickle fight, and snuggle close while I transform that playtime into prints for your home.

It is best to schedule your session around your child’s sleeping and feeding patterns.  Just before your session it’s a good idea to feed your child and do a quick nappy change if needed. If they’re anything like my little one, a happy tummy is a happy child! Being comfortable is the key to a successful session, especially with children. That’s why it’s important to bring along their special blanket, toy or teddy as well as dress them in comfortable clothing. Layers and neutral colours work best for clothing as do accessories. Think  hats, scarves, beanies and  jewellery. 


These sessions are all about the mummy to be and my aim is to capture the beauty that is pregnancy.

What to Wear

Clothing is important when having your portrait taken. Keep it simple and neutral. Classic outfits work best as they don’t date easily. But most importantly YOU need to be comfortable so if you can’t sit down in it or you think that in 20 years time you’ll look back and say “what was I thinking?” it’s usually a good idea to avoid it.

I always recommend plain colours but subtle patterns can work really well too.   I would also recommend trying to coordinate as much as you can without everyone matching!


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