I Clicked It Up A Notch {April}

After looking through my photos for April to choose my favourite, I realised that I had a realtively quiet month with my camera. I sort of lost my ‘mojo’ so to speak and was getting frustrated with my own abilities. I think everyone at some point lets self-doubt take over and lose focus. It certainly showed in my photos because I had very few images that I truly loved or was actually willing to share this month!

This photo was my favourite because I very rarely get to be in many photos anymore and especially not with my son. It was a spare of the moment shot while we were mucking around and playing in the backyard! These are my favourite kind of shots beacuse they are real and reflect a moment in time that hold significant importance to me as a Mum. Since getting my wireless remote for my camera, I have not had a lot of time to experiment but I think I may make it a mini mission to get some more candid shots likes these in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for some more…

Click It Up A Notch

xo Anna

Project 52 | Week 14: foolin’ around {Toowoomba children’s photographer}

Last week’s theme (I know it’s late again!) for my project 52  was foolin’ around. I can’t believe it’s already week 14! This year is flying by so quickly!

Well after months of research, deliberating and waiting I finally received my brand new Canon 7D last week and of course needed some new subjects to try it out!  As it’s school holidays, I invited over one of my friends and she and her beautiful girls were more than happy to be my models for a fun mini session. Here’s what we got up to…

To learn more about project 52 head over to my3boybarians.com.

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