RAW vs JPEG: Week 1, take 2

I have done some more homework and this time set my white balance far from what it should have been. In the original photos I shot both RAW and Jpeg in cloudy mode in camera. This made both images much too warm. The noise is also really high as I was shooting inside with filtered light coming through the windows and my exposure was off too. A perfect example really to show you what the difference will be once they have been edited the same way using Lightroom.

Here are the SOOC (straight out of camera) shots.

SOOC RAW image: cloudy white balance

SOOC Jpeg image: cloudy white balance

And the final result…

edited with Lightroom

I was really surprised to see such a huge difference actually. So after completing two comparison tests to see which is better for me, I am definately going to shoot my images in RAW from now on. The difference speaks for itself really.