Project 52: Week 17 | Green

I am really enjoying experimenting with nature photography at the moment. It’s fitting too, because the past few weeks of the p52 challenge have been very well suited to landscapes and nature photography.

Initially I didn’t really enjoy taking photos of animals or plants or flowers but it’s definately an area that I am going to explore a lot more. As an added benefit, my subjects don’t move as fast as little people do so I can take my time focusing on the technical side of photography and learn as I go.

This photo was not actually taken this week but I couldn’t resist sharing it. And since it took a long time for me to get this little frog in the ‘pose’ I wanted him in I thought he needed to be shared on the world wide web. What type of subjects do you like photographing?

p52 project52


10 thoughts on “Project 52: Week 17 | Green

  1. Cute. Well, slimy and cute. And a lovely picture. I love to photograph little creatures we find in our yard. But, I definitely photograph my little kiddos the most.

  2. Love the froggy, I’m the opposite, I don’t do people or animals. They just don’t have the patience for me. Although it looks like this little guy might have cooperated.

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