Project 52| Week 20 ~ Mothers

I’ve had a few weeks off project 52 so thought it was time I needed to get my mojo going again and join back in. Although the challenge is now being run on a different website, I am sure that it will continue to challenge me and provide me with the much needed motivation to continue my photo a week for 52 weeks.

If you’re interested in joining in head over to Photography Essentials by Kent Weakley and have a look.

This week’s theme was mothers. Which of course was timed to conincide with Mother’s Day. I thought rather than share photos from my own Mother’s day I would share some of my favourites from a recent shoot that I believe captures what life is like as a mother in waiting! It’s the anticipation, excitement, fear, anxiety, joy and all of the other mixed emotions that happen to us as women when waiting for our little bundle of joy.

There is just something about pregnant bellies that get me! And everytime I photograph an expectant mother I just love what I do more and more! Here is my take on the theme…


Project 52: Week 17 | Green

I am really enjoying experimenting with nature photography at the moment. It’s fitting too, because the past few weeks of the p52 challenge have been very well suited to landscapes and nature photography.

Initially I didn’t really enjoy taking photos of animals or plants or flowers but it’s definately an area that I am going to explore a lot more. As an added benefit, my subjects don’t move as fast as little people do so I can take my time focusing on the technical side of photography and learn as I go.

This photo was not actually taken this week but I couldn’t resist sharing it. And since it took a long time for me to get this little frog in the ‘pose’ I wanted him in I thought he needed to be shared on the world wide web. What type of subjects do you like photographing?

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